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Why Speed is not the same as Velocity

There is a big difference between speed and velocity. Good speed increases velocity. Bad speed decreases velocity. Remember first year physics? Speed is a measure of distance over time. Velocity is a measure of displacement over time. Velocity is a vector: it has direction. We all know the sensation of running really fast (having high […]

What would you say… you do here?

I interviewed a candidate for a Product Manager position the other day. I like to ask a really simple question at the start of a PM interview: “What is your main responsibility as a Product Manager?” The answer I got from this candidate was one that I’ve heard many times before: “My primary responsibility as […]

How to build a basic Growth Model

I recently wrote a guest post for the guys at the Mobile Growth Stack. Check it out here. It covers the basic rules of setting up a Growth Model and what to avoid, and you can download a sample .xls that includes everything in the article. Head over to the Mobile Growth Stack to check […]

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