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Product Managers – Learn from Elon Musk: write down your product strategy in prose

Last week, Elon Musk posted his second ‘Master Plan’ for Tesla. In it, he lays out the strategy for Tesla for the next decade or so, in a clear, concise and highly readable way. He doesn’t use slides. He doesn’t use visuals or charts or graphs. Just words. As a Product Manager, when was the […]

Early Growth: Look for “Pockets of Demand”

In the early days of launching a new product, it’s useful to think about your market in terms of “pockets of demand”. A pocket of demand is of course another way of saying “target market”. It is essentially identifying a group, or niche, of potential customers who share a common problem that you can solve […]

Notes on using the iPad Pro for “real work”

<tl;dr> The iPad Pro is a capable machine for getting all kinds of “real work” done while on the go. After much deliberation, I bought myself a new iPad Pro 9.7″ about four weeks ago, and since then I’ve been running an experiment to see if I could use my iPad for “real work”. Inspired […]

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