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What would you say… you do here?

I interviewed a candidate for a Product Manager position the other day. I like to ask a really simple question at the start of a PM interview: “What is your main responsibility as a Product Manager?” The answer I got from this candidate was one that I’ve heard many times before: “My primary responsibility as […]

How to build a basic Growth Model

I recently wrote a guest post for the guys at the Mobile Growth Stack. Check it out here. It covers the basic rules of setting up a Growth Model and what to avoid, and you can download a sample .xls that includes everything in the article. Head over to the Mobile Growth Stack to check […]

Product Managers – Learn from Elon Musk: write down your product strategy in prose

Last week, Elon Musk posted his second ‘Master Plan’ for Tesla. In it, he lays out the strategy for Tesla for the next decade or so, in a clear, concise and highly readable way. He doesn’t use slides. He doesn’t use visuals or charts or graphs. Just words. As a Product Manager, when was the […]

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