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Barrels and Ammunition

I came across this quote from Keith Rabois: If you think about people, there are two categories of high-quality people: there is the ammunition, and then there are the barrels. You can add all the ammunition you want, but if you have only five barrels in your company, you can literally do only five things […]

On Medium’s new ‘applause’ feature

I really like Medium’s new ‘applause’ feature for ‘liking’ articles. The idea is that the extent to which you like something is not binary… it’s not either “I like it” or “I don’t”. It’s a spectrum. There are other ways they could have done it. They could have made it a star rating, a rating […]

Product Transparency, and some tips to help increase it

A little while ago I ran a retrospective with a product team where we focussed specifically on the product process. We invited a cross-section of the company: engineering, design, marketing, operations and the founders. Everyone present in the retrospective had the opportunity to give feedback on what was working and what wasn’t with regards to the way product […]

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