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How great Product Managers look forward

There is a lot of day-to-day grind as a PM. Tickets to write, bugs to triage, meetings to facilitate. Maybe the QA team needs help. Maybe the marketing manager is sick and you need to help run an acquisition campaign. There is always something urgent that needs your attention, your time and your focus. Indeed, […]

Why Speed is not the same as Velocity

There is a big difference between speed and velocity. Good speed increases velocity. Bad speed decreases velocity. Remember first year physics? Speed is a measure of distance over time. Velocity is a measure of displacement over time. Velocity is a vector: it has direction. We all know the sensation of running really fast (having high […]

What would you say… you do here?

I interviewed a candidate for a Product Manager position the other day. I like to ask a really simple question at the start of a PM interview: “What is your main responsibility as a Product Manager?” The answer I got from this candidate was one that I’ve heard many times before: “My primary responsibility as […]

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