I like making stuff. Web stuff, maps stuff. Apps. Change. I like people who like making stuff.


The Complete Product Manager

Being a great Product Manager in tech is more than shuffling roadmaps and writing user stories. Great PMs are first and foremost masters of their market: the segments, the customers, and their needs, and they spend a great deal of time talking to customers themselves and conducting field research. Great PMs are the walking embodiment […]

Messaging and Chat are the next big channel for Growth

Growth is about finding new channels. Messaging in general as a channel is young and fresh – and there will be a goldrush very, very soon. Services like Slack and Facebook Messenger are following the lead set by the asian chat successes like Line and WeChat in turning chat into a platform that allows access […]

OKRs: How we use OKRs to empower teams

I did a presentation at the ProductTank Berlin February event last night. My slides are available here. I’m happy to chat more about OKRs, and how we work. Contact me!

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