Change the unchangeable

In an environment where so many people avoid decisions, shy away from responsibility and avoid asking hard questions, the people who do this well stand out.

Shake a few trees. Take a risk and raise a tough issue. What’s really stopping you? What are you afraid of?

Politics? Don’t want to make an enemy? The times in which trolls and power seekers can gain influence without creating and delivering are slowly but surely coming to an end. The Internet has relativised the playing field, and our creations and art speak for themselves.

Afraid that you’ll look silly or uninformed? If you raise your hand you will almost certainly be wrong from time to time. Maybe even often. But recovering from being wrong with grace and dignity and learning from your failures is far more valuable to you and those around you than sitting silently.

Do you believe it’s unchangeable? That the status quo is unquestionable and immutable? It’s not.

True, you want to pick the battles you can win. But pick one. Try it. Look around you, and pick one thing that has been bugging you but you have always considered unchangeable – then change it.

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