The new way to display outdoor maps on your website

There is a new way to embed beautiful 3D Maps into your website.

Meet the new Map Embed from FATMAP. There is no better way to embed a high-resolution 3D map onto your website.

Chamonix, France

The map is fully interactive: use your mouse or trackpad to move around, and hold the SHIFT key to adjust the tilt and rotation. Or just use the map controls on the right hand side.

Map embeds are super easy to add to a page on your website, or a blog post. You just need to insert a snippet of HTML in an iFrame (similar to how embedding a YouTube video works). You can customise what types of outdoor adventures are visible on the map, whether the map shows summer or winter imagery (where winter imagery is available), and of course what location you want to see.

Map embeds are currently available in Beta for partners. Contact us if you want to be part of the trial program.

COMING SOON: Embeds for single adventures. Soon, you’ll be able to create your own adventure on (by drawing a route on the map, or uploading a GPX track) and then embed that in your blog on your own website. If you’ve wanted to show the world what adventures you’ve been on in the outdoors, or what you’re planning – this is how you’ll want to do it. Adventure embeds will be completely free and available for everyone to use. Email me if you want early trial access.

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