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Innovation in tech is just getting started, says Benedict Evans

When we look around and see the absolute domination of companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, it’s easy to assume that the technology boom is over, and that these companies took all the profits. But a16z’s Benedict Evans has a different take: he argues that tech is only just getting started. He calls it […]


Companies microchipping employees is real – and we should be scared

I just finished reading The Circle, the dystopian view of a world when the next Facebook completely abolishes privacy once and for all. The scariest thing about the book is how real – how possible – it all seems. The world is a few decisions away from being set on that path. I read today […]


How Marty Cagan measures Team Empowerment

Marty Cagan was in Berlin recently and did a talk about why teams are not truly empowered, and what teams might do about that. He shared his “True Test of Empowered Teams”: 1. The team is staffed with competent people with the necessary range of skills. 2. The team is assigned problems to solve, and […]

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