The Complete Product Owner

The Product Owner is possibly the most misunderstood, or at least the the least understood, role in agile software projects. Just about everyone you talk to, whether a current practitioner of the role or just someone who works in agile projects, will give you a slightly (or greatly) different description of the role, its scope and its value. Go straight to the index of posts here.

The Complete Product Owner series is a course of posts that examine the breadth and depth of the Product Owner role.

The series is divided into four section areas:

The Complete Product Owner series overview: Act I: The Product; Act II: The Business; Act III: The Team; Act IV: You.

Post Index

Act I: The Product

  1. The Complete Product Owner (introduction)
  2. The Product Definition
  3. The Competitive Landscape
  4. The Product Vision
  5. Product goals
  6. Prioritisation
  7. Design sense: visual design, interaction design, instructional design
  8. Understanding usage: analytics
  9. Understanding consumer insights… feedback, user research, user testing
  10. Innovation

Act II: The Business

  1. Strategy, including the business model
  2. Marketing & Communications
  3. Business sense and entrepreneurial attitude
  4. Customer/Account management

Act III: The Team

  1. The day-to-day… meet the team, unblock things, answer questions, communicate to the team
  2. Agile: understanding lean, scrum, etc
  3. Leadership
  4. Reviews and feedback
  5. Personnel management

Act IV: You – the Product Owner

  1. Presentation skills
  2. Industry knowledge/awareness
  3. Domain knowledge: software, if you make software. Widgets, if you make widgets. How is a widget produced? What things come together?
  4. Project Management
  5. Network building
  6. Curiosity, courage, perseverance and passion

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