The Product Owner – the poster

Being a Product Owner sure is a lot of work!

Following my talk at the recent ALE unconference in Barcelona, I re-made the iconography used in my talk and turned it into a poster: The Complete Product Owner Poster.

The poster is available in three colour combinations, and is printable on any normal office or professional printer. It also looks great pinned up on the wall next to your desk. 🙂

Click the version that you would like to download below to download and print the PNG file.



10 thoughts on “The Product Owner – the poster

  1. Great job !

    I wonder what you mean by “Design Sense” illustrated by a pencil : do you mean “Graphic design sense” or “functional design” ?

    Also, why do you include Entrepreneurship ? Many Product Owners work with Entrepreneurs and are not necessarily entrepreneurs themeselves.

    • Hi Sebastien, thanks for your feedback!

      By ‘Design Sense’ I mean a basic, intrinsic understanding of good design. I don’t mean that a PO needs to _be_ a designer – not at all. I mean rather that the best, and most ‘complete’ POs, have a natural sense of what works and what doesn’t. Of what is broken and what is whole. The best POs can work with designers hand-in-hand in building a solution. The best POs can meaningfully critique the work of designers, and give relevant, targeted feedback on the design of the products. The best POs can spot inconsistencies in product design, on all levels – whether it is interface design, marketing, product packaging or communications.

      I include entrepreneurship as I believe the best POs share many personality traits that typically personify your classic “silicon valley entrepreneur”. In fact – I don’t think you need to run your own company to be an entrepreneur. I believe that you can behave like an entrepreneur also inside a large organisation (sometimes called ‘intrapreneurs’. I think the essential attitudes of entrepreneurship like ambition, vision, willingness to take risks, perseverance and innovation typify not just great entrepreneurs, but great product people in general.

      What do you think? Would you agree?

  2. Great stuff! Let me just suggest one thing: add some soft skills like communication, client relationship or client management.

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